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Friday, October 10, 2008

Bare Escentuals Extreme Glitters

Everyone who knows me knows that I love shimmery, sparkly things. I love to put ting-ting in my flower arrangements and my Christmas tree. I prefer Swarovski crystal embellishments to pearl beading. Don't even ask about how sparkly my engagement ring is. Given this, of course I love sparkly make-up too! But there has to be a balance. I like sparkly and elegant, not sparkly and cheap.

I picked up Bare Escentuals Extreme Glimmers Kit about a month ago and have quickly deemed this my holiday season make-up. The kit contains three "extreme" eye shadows in silver, plum, and bronze, a starter size Prime Time Eyelid Primer, and an Extreme Glimmer Brush. The shimmer and sparkle are outrageous without being over the top. Does that even make sense? What I mean is that there is definately sparkle there, some of the best I have ever seen; but at the same time it doesn't look cheesy or cheap. Applied properly (try to hold back that heavy hand), your eyes pop with the sparkle of a movie star.

This kit does have the potential to lead to drag queen-esque eye make-up. The key to achieving the movie star look is to properly apply the eye make-up using the Bare Escentuals technique. First of all, USE THE PRIMER!!! It's in the kit for a reason! I've mentioned before that I am not a primer addict...I hardly use it. This is a situation where primer is a must. The pigment and glitter are loose thus allowing them to fly all over the place if not properly contained.

Secondly, you must use the "swirl, tap, buff" Bare Escentuals method. I am surprised by the number of people I talk to who love Bare Escentuals cosmetics but have never seen a demonstration on QVC nor have they watched the starter's DVD or read the instructions for application. I cannot recommend watching Leslie herself showing you how to properly use her products!!! I was also one of those who was like, "What's the deal with this swirl, tap, buff nonsense? Just dip the brush in and swipe it on!" So wrong! Every BE product should be applied with swirl, tap, buff.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, here it is. Get just a dab of product in the lid of the container. One way to do it is to just skim the product with the brush and transfer it to the lid. What I like to do is flip the container over, tap the lid to "push" the excess back into the jar, unscrew the lid and, voila, just enough product in the lid. Next, take your brush and swirl it around in the lid to sweep up the product. Then tap the brush on the side of the lid to get rid of the excess. Finally, buff it on. Based on my experience, if you apply the Extreme Glimmers this way, you should have minimal glitter on your face and it should also cut back on the feeling of chunkiness that the glitter particles may create.

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In the event that you do get some glitter on your face, don't worry. Simply take a face brush (an extra one that you don't use), spray a little bit of hair spray on it (don't saturate it), and gently sweep it over your face. That should get most of the loose product off.

Bare Escentuals Extreme Glimmers Kit is a limited edition kit that is only available at Sephora. It is priced at $32 with a $44 value. Happy Shopping!

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At 3:22 PM, Blogger Laurie said...

I saw this at Sephora recently - I like the colors. I hear it's like the solar bits from MAC? Although I must say - I'm a tad scared of glitter fallout!

I bought the BE Ruby Collection this week and am in LOVE with it. Seriously, the ruby radiance is gorgeous - the perfect pink.


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